U.S. proven reserves of crude oil and natural gas, the end of 2018

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on July 2, as Venezuela’s historic crisis intensifies, Venezuela’s inflation rate may reach 000000% before the end of the year. According to a surveU.S. proven reserves of crude oil and natural gas, the end of 2018y conducted by Venezuela’s opposition authorities, Venezuela’s consumer price index has increased by 4605% this year.

Choosing to ignore U.S. sanctions and reduce purchases of U.S. oil sent a fairly clear signal: It will not be forced to cooperate with U.S. policies and is willing to help Iran as long as it gets some rewards. In recent years, Iranian relations have become increasingly close. Changes in the situation may promote the strengthening of relations between the two countries and strengthen Iran’s determination to resist the United States.

It is a pity that the market is characterized by more volatility and less trend. The pursuit is often near the top and bottom of the volatility range, which is the most unfavorable position for entering the market. You can't stand the volatility, and you have to stop the loss in the volatility for a while, because Don't give up, so you will stop the loss in the pursuit, so as to grab a position near the top and bottom, which maximizes the efficiency of losing money.

In spot crude oil investment, there are winners and losers, and the editor himself has contacted the spot market and made some small investments. Regarding his own experience in making orders, here are the following types of investment mentality. Friends of crude oil investment, look at yourself Which type is it? If you have it, you can change it, and if you don't, you can encourage it.

Japan’s Kyodo News Agency on June 27 analyzed the United States’ crude oil import sanctions against Iran and pointed out that from the perspective of stabilizing and ensuring energy sources, Japan has always attached importance to its relationship with Iran, which has been isolated due to the Islamic revolution and nuclear issues, and its relationship with the United States. Europe differentiated and implemented separate diplomacy. However, because the United States, the ally, demanded that all countries have zero imports of Iranian crude oil, Japan was required to coordinate actions with the United States on outstanding issues such as North Korea and trade frictions, which put Japan in a difficult situation.

It can be seen from this that Trump's approach this time does not seem to achieve the expected results. Is this really the case? What if this result is what Trump wants? You know, after Trump released his resolute attitude to tear up the Iran nuclear agreement, all walks of life strongly opposed it, because this approach may cause a huge chain The response has plunged the entire Middle East into a nuclear threat. But Trump must tear up the agreement, because this is Obama’s leU.S. proven reserves of crude oil and natural gas, the end of 2018gacy policy, so Trump is caught in a dilemma. To tear up the agreement will cause chaos in the Middle East. If the agreement is not torn up, the Obama policy cannot be eradicated. However, the current situation , It seems that a balanced win-win situation has been reached perfectly, Trump withdrew from the agreement, and Iran did not take up nuclear weapons. Perhaps Trump is betting that Iran will not withdraw from the agreement, and this time I am afraid Trump will win the bet.

South Korea is one of the eight countries that exempt the United States from Iran sanctions. After obtaining the exemption, South Korea did not import Iranian crude oil. Regardless of other political influences, from the perspective of crude oil prices, South Korea did not import Iranian crude oil, indicating a decline in the demand for crude oil in the market , Adding to the oversupply situation in the oil market, causing international oil prices to continue to fall under pressure.

In addition, as far as the United States is concerned, before the mid-term elections in the United States, Trump put increasing pressure on Saudi Arabia to increase oil production and reduce prices. These prices have threatened to cancel Trump’s tax cuts. Economic growth.

Darok said that the United Kingdom currently has some specific ideas for easing the situation, but the negotiations have not yet achieved results. We are having high-level talks with France and Germany, which have been going on for several weeks. Some progress has been made in the negotiations, but the final result has not yet been reached. Hope there will be results in the remaining few days.

Morse explained that mainstream expectations believe that global crude oil production will accelerate decline, but this will only happen in mature oil fields, whose global share is only about 45% to 50%; in addition, the decline in supply caused by the decline in mature oil field production is about Between 2 and 0 million barrels per day, 50% less than mainstream expectations.