Light crude oil prices today

Trump formally signed a document on Tuesday May 8, confirming its withdrawal from the agreement and restarting sanctions against Iran, whLight crude oil prices todayich poses serious challenges to the Iranian energy industry. Trump said: I announce that the United States has officially withdrawn from the Iran nuclear agreement, and we will impose the highest level of economic sanctions on Iran. Although the U.S. withdrawal from the agreement and the resumption of sanctions will inevitably have a significant impact on Iran’s crude oil supply, some traders pointed out that the resumption of sanctions may take several months to have an impact, because the U.S. government still needs time to formulate a sanctions framework and clearly sanction companies And the list of banking institutions, which gives both parties an opportunity to renegotiate. Goldman Sachs

Saudi Energy Minister Falih said at a meeting held in Riyadh on Tuesday, 0. 2 that the oil market is in good condition. He hopes that crude oil producing countries will sign an agreement in February to extend cooperation to monitor and stabilize crude oil. market. We will make a decision based on whether there is a significant drop in supply, especially when US sanctions on Iran are about to begin. He said.

Although the increase in crude oil prices slowed down last week and entered a shock pattern, oil prices are still approaching the 72 first-line pressure level, and it seems that they want to break the high point further. After the market opened on Monday, the market once again maintained an upward trend. It may mean that oil prices may reach new highs in the future. Will crude oil prices continue to rise like this in the future?

Bloomberg's survey of analysts, oil companies, and tanker tracking data showed that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries produced 900,000 barrels a day last month, the same as the revised level in April. Production in April was the lowest in a year.

Abstract: Recently, the crude oil market has been turbulent. According to data released by EIA, US crude oil inventories have fallen sharply. The bearish worries in the US crude oil market are spreading. The domestic supply of the United States is sufficient, and OPEC's crude oil supply to the US has restarted.

Saudi Arabia recently said that it would cut production. How did it help Trump suppress oil prices? It turnedLight crude oil prices today out that Trump gave Saudi Arabia a horse on the time of Saudi reporter Khashoggi. Trump said on Twitter on the 20th that we may never know all the truth about the murder of Kashuji. In any case, we have established relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia... The United States intends to maintain firm cooperation with Saudi Arabia to ensure the interests of the United States, Israel and other partners in the Middle East... Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil producer after the United States. They We have worked closely with us and have actively responded to my call for oil prices to reach a reasonable level.

Investing in spot crude oil cannot be greedy. No matter how good the prospects are, take profit must be set. After all, everyone is guessing about the future trend. No one can really grasp it. No one knows what happens next second. What's the matter, otherwise the price changes too fast, even if it is the money in hand, it will fly away, so it is not desirable to be greedy!