The first U.S. tanker to export crude oil from Texas

People familiar with the Trump administration’s internal discussions said that the United States will not easily use the strategic oil reserves. It is possible that the oil price willThe first U.S. tanker to export crude oil from Texas further rise by more than 0% from the current level, that is, when the WTI oil price is close to 80 US dollars per barrel; When OPEC+ led by Russia cannot effectively increase production to make up for the reduced oil supply of Venezuela and Iran due to economic crisis or sanctions.

In the morning, the US API inventory was announced, and the US EIA inventory was grandly launched this evening. Under the premise that API inventory is greatly reduced and refined oil inventories increase, EIA inventory may be reversed. Investors are advised to pay close attention.

Looking back on the trend of crude oil this week, the strong rise on Monday allowed the oil price to successfully break through US$62, but then the second consecutive drop on Tuesday and Wednesday vomited all the gains and the oil price once fell back to US$6. On Thursday, crude oil broke out again, although it once exceeded $6, it failed to break through. After the market opens on Friday, I hope that crude oil will remain within a narrow range of 650-6 US dollars for the time being. Whether the market can achieve a breakthrough, I am afraid that other assistance is needed.

The resource countries dependent on the United States began to discover that they had been betrayed by the United States. Trump, in the final analysis, was a businessman. The so-called alliance is only a tool for the interests of the United States. If the United States increases its exports, its alliances and relations will become deadlocked and lost. The United States will undoubtedly become the only beneficiary of its current market share, and its allies will pay the price for selling their teammates.

Zerpa also mentioned that Venezuela will sign three to four investment plans in the next few weeks, which will have a very positive impact on the oil production of the Orinoco heavy oil belt and other regions, but he did not give specific details of the project. .

After the extremely eye-catching EIA data was released overnight, oil prices rose by more than 2%. However, high production in the United States is still the biggest hidden danger in the oil market, andThe first U.S. tanker to export crude oil from Texas global demand is also showing signs of slowing down. On Friday, both U.S. and cloth oils gave up their gains. The cloth oil once fell below the 66 US dollar/barrel mark, a drop of nearly 0.4%. The drop was about 0.4%.

US oil service company Baker Hughes released data on Friday, May 4, showing that as of the week of May 4, the number of active oil wells in the United States increased by 9 to 84, recording growth for five consecutive weeks, and then 205 years. new highs.