U.S. consumption of crude oil and liquid fuel (petroleum)

The Iranian nuclear issue affects production rU.S. consumption of crude oil and liquid fuel (petroleum)elease: the future geopolitical focus will remain on Syria and the Iran behind it. The new round of sanctions will significantly slow down Iran’s capacity release. The United States has independent energy and rising oil prices will strengthen its resource endowments, while Saudi Arabia and Russia’s finances It is highly dependent on oil prices and has a strong demand for boosting demand. The major oil-producing countries in the world are forming a synergy to push oil prices up.

The construction of pipeline transportation is difficult, but crude oil production has only increased. IEA data shows that Canadian crude oil production will increase by 20,000 barrels per day in 208 and will continue to increase by 250,000 barrels per day in 209, which forces Canadian oil companies to use rail transportation as an alternative. As a result, the export volume of railway transportation has risen sharply this year, reaching a record high of 80,000 barrels per day in May.

Service just lowered India’s 208 GDP growth forecast by 0.2%, blaming it on high oil prices, and warned that if the current high oil prices continue, global consumer spending may fall and inflation will rise. .

Not everyone will make a profit when making investments. This requires investigating various factors such as technology and capital. We also encountered many investors, mainly because they did not follow the guidance of teachers and blindly placed orders, and the platform itself had no problems.

O'Grady pointed out that if you want to go more crude oil, you have to bet on reduced inventories, and there is no political action to suppress oil prices. As technology improves, you face the risk of a lower breakeven price. OPEC is currently facing a problem. If it really wants to curb US production, how low does oil price need to be?

The United States is a major oil consumer in the world. Although the U.S. ranks first in oil production in the world, it still imports a large amount of crude oil every yeU.S. consumption of crude oil and liquid fuel (petroleum)ar. As a result, huge markets are formed in Houston near the Gulf of Mexico, Portland Port and New York Port in the Atlantic Ocean.

In the long run, we must first continue to deepen and improve on the basis of the original petroleum reserve system. From a national perspective, we must continue to unswervingly follow the diversified path of energy structure and support the development of other alternative energy sources. Secondly, from the perspective of micro-enterprise entities, the most important thing for enterprise development is not to put the treasure on oil prices. We must continue to optimize the industrial structure, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and strengthen management. We cannot relax because the current oil prices are relatively high. Investment decision and cost control.