Crude oil contract expires

Up to now, aboutCrude oil contract expires 100 Sichuan stocks have been disclosed in the 2016 annual report. Among them, the social security fund held 18 Sichuan stocks at the end of last year, of which 7 were newly established positions in the fourth quarter.

Poehler brings Toshiba rich experience and insight into retail business solutions.

At the end of August, the international gold price broke through above 1400 US dollars per ounce.

[1] Borrowing growth was mainly driven by lower incomes.

As of November 13, more than 320 preferential interest rate loans with an amount of 100 million yuan have been issued.

The online payment and clearing platform of non bank payment institutions (hereinafter referred to as the online platform) was officially put intCrude oil contract expireso trial operation on March 31, and the first inter-bank clearing transaction was completed by China Merchants Bank, Bank of China and Tencent TenPay on the first day.

Give full play to the knapsack spirit, the village team actively connects with the cadres of Baocun village, takes the double base co construction rural credit project as the carrier, three-level linkage, finds out the family population, family assets, family income, production and operation situation, capital demand, whether there is non-performing loan information, etc. according to the specific situation of each household, the basic information files are established one by one The quasi poverty alleviation financial service archives shall be implemented with one file per household system.

There is no specific plan. We have written it in our work, indicating that it is possible.

Wei Wu, Tangshan Branch of ICBC