Singapore crude oil market

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This is the first time that crude oil inventories have fallen after 15 consecutive weeks of

yesterday, the latest EIA inventory data increased greatly, and the oil price rose instead

present, the oil price is expected to be increased by 120 yuan / ton (0.09 yuan / L - 0.11

rebound above hit 41.1-41.2 line short, stop at 41.7, target point 40.0-40.1, multi single

Autumn is gone, wSingapore crude oil marketinter is coming

important support points. At night, the peak in 1981 fell to the lowest level in 1951. The

the investment market, and the operation situation is gradually improved, and the confidence

Many people envy other people's investment and always make profits, but they can't see the shortcomings of their own investment. They always think about how much profit they want to make, but they forget the essence of the investment market. Some people make money and others lose money,